Die folgenden vier Videos geben in excellenter Weise eine Kürzesteinführung ins Thema (Englisch).

Gerichtsverfahren gegen Verantwortliche des Agent-Orange-Einsatzes (Englisch).

Basis-Informationen über den Einsatz von Agent Orange im Vietnamkrieg (Englisch).

Auswirkungen des Herbizideinsatzes auf das Ökosystem (Englisch).

Wie das dioxinhaltige Agent Orange den menschlichen Organismus schädigt Englisch).

The Dark Shadow of Agent Orange

Dokumentarfilm der New York Times über Geschichte und Gegenwart von Agent Orange (in English).

Agent Orange in Japan

Monsanto vergiftet noch immer die Erde

Wie der Agent Orange-Hersteller Monsanto

die Menschheit weiterhin gefährdet.

Agent Orange victims

Comment of Chuck Searcy from Hanoi, U.S. Vietnam Veteran and a prominent supporter of Agent Orange victims:


This video  is an accurate portrayal of the harsh reality, very sad to witness, at Tu Du Hospital and other institutions. Yet that's only a small piece of a much bigger silent picture, hidden in the homes of Vietnamese families who are caring for two, three or more severely disabled children.. Dr. Phuong is now retired from Tu Du Hospital but continues her mission as Vice President of the Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange (VAVA). She is one of the heroes and pioneers in this work, bringing the issue to the attention of the world, many years ago. Of course increased awareness and knowledge, and vast amounts of sympathy and good will, do not translate into effective action by the U.S. government and certainly not to any remorse at all, or responsibility or accountability, from the chemical companies that made Agent Orange and other poisons. Belatedly, after four decades, the U.S. government has increased its support in Viet Nam to people with disabilities, assuming that some of that assistance will reach victims of Agent Orange. There needs to be a more comprehensive strategy making better use of capable Vietnamese institutions with people and resources that need more funding and support to do the job. Generations after the first use of Agent Orange, these Vietnamese families still need help. And we don't know how long this tragic consequence of the war will continue to shadow Viet Nam. At least, after years of political struggle and litigation, American veterans exposed to Agent Orange are getting some assistance from the U.S. government. We have a moral obligation to do more for the Vietnamese.